What is PPC?
Pay Per Click(PPC) also known as Cost Per Click(CPC) is a process of directing traffic towards your website by purchasing adds on Search Engines.  These adds are also referred to as sponsored Links.

What can PrimaDigital do for you?
Running PPC campaigns on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing can be really expensive when compared to SEO.  The key here is active management of the campaign by regularly managing adds and keywords.  The symptoms of a poorly managed PPC campaign include lots of clicks with very little Click Through Rate (CTR).  This is when the business is charged for a lot of clicks but the return on their investment (ROI) is insignificant.

At PrimaDigital, we know that a well managed PPC campaign can generate immediate sales and leads for a new online business.  Unlike SEO, PPC can give you quick results.  For a succesful Internet Marketing campaign, both SEO and PPC can play a vital role.  One question that always arises is PPC or SEO?, our suggestion is that if you can afford it then go for both for the initial 6 months of your Internet Marketing campaign.

PrimaDigital also has expertise in running PPC campaigns Facebook.  For industry sectors such as, retail, hair & beauty, healthcare, personalised goods, Facebook can be an ideal platform.

Why PrimaDigital for PPC?
- Free consultation
- Pro-active service
- Fixed monthly charges regardless of your monthly spent with the search engine
- Monthly activity report

To learn more about PPC, contact us today.  Alternatively, call us on our free phone  0800 612 5231