What is SMO?
Social Media Optimisation (SMO, even known as social SEO) is the process of utilising social media activities to attract more visitors to your website.

What can PrimaDigital do for you?
Social Media is often more relevant to businesses that have a B2C model.  Having said that, from a brand perspective it works for any business.  For businesses and entrepreneurs who care about their online presence, SMO could be a vital part of their Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) strategy.  SMO attracts visitors from sources other than search engines, but an improved search ranking may prove to be significant for the success of SMO.

SMO is a form of viral marketing.  a well managed SMO could quickly create a word of mouth through social bookmarking, video, photo sharing, blogging, RSS feeds, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media activities.  At PrimaDigital we spend time with our clients on a regular basis to understand their business so that we always maintain their reputation while portraying them on the social front.

Top 5 tips for a successful SMO campaign? 

- Social Media Optimisation is all about your clients trusting you.  So never fake it
- Motivate conversations, this will only happen when you add your personality to it.  Social Media is not all about corporate
- Give time to your readers, followers, fans, etc
- Be consistent
- Make sure you're in the company of the right people

To learn more about SMO, feel free to contact us or simply call us on free phone 0800 612 5231.